dark_lordWell, today’s the big day.  This was the largest contest we’ve ever had for STL Hops and I’m very happy to announce that the winners are Matthew Thenhaus and Adrian Bordeleau.

As for what both of these guys would do for Dark Lord, Matthew said:

“Let’s talk real sacrifice here. For one bottle of Dark Lord, I would give up all other beer for three solid calendar months. And as my soul was dying on that last day, I would drag my hollow frame over to the table, press but a drop of Dark Lord to my lips, and be revived, stronger, happier, alive again for the first time. Then I’d take all the other, less worthy imperial stouts in my cellar and make milkshakes with them and give them out to the homeless. “

What would Adrian do for some Dark Lord?

“Wow – for an opportunity to own and eventually consume a bottle of Dark Lord – I would go on a two week beer fast and document it with an exclusive online video piece for your site.

Luckily for them, they don’t have to follow up on their promises on what they’d do for Dark Lord.  Congrats to both of these guys and thanks everyone for entering.  We’ll have another contest again soon.