oshaysBeing around positive people makes you realize that they take pleasure in new experiences. For instance I had my first chance to visit O’Shay’s Pub a few weeks ago. It’s a nice little pub on the edge of the Grove, right next door to the new UCBC facility.

I also had a chance to try the Crown Valley Brewery Imperial Pumpkin Smash for the first time over the weekend. While I’ve always been impressed with the craftsmanship of Crown Valley’s beers, I may have found one of my new favorite pumpkin beers. It’s a wonderful mix of roasted barley that’s balanced quite well with pumpkin spicing.

If you haven’t been able to check out either of these experiences, maybe it’s time you do. And luckily, you can do both this Saturday, September 13th from 7-10PM when O’Shay’s hosts Crown Valley for a Tap Takeover and keep the pint event.

Not only will you get a chance to try the Imperial Pumpkin Smash, but they’ll also have Serrano Sidekick and Gunslinger IPA available as well. Trust me on this one, this is something you’ll want to try even if it’s not your first time.