crownvalleybrewery.gifAs many of you know, the Ste. Genevieve mainstay Crown Valley Winery has expanded into the brewing and distilling business. The new Crown Valley Brewery and Distillery and Brewmaster Mark Walters is eager to show off his handy-work.  Here is a list of where you can find some of their beers around St. Louis:



  • Antique Amber Lager –  The Wine Experience Outlet,13216 Tesson Ferry Rd. St Louis (Both Bottled Beers Available)
  • Plowboy Porter –  The Wine Experience, 12478 St. Charles Rock Rd., Bridgeton (Both Bottled Beers Available)

Brewmaster Mark Walters provide me with a description of each beer for your perusal:

Big Bison Ale – Belgian Style Dubbel brewed with German and Belgian Malts and a Trappist yeast strain,noble hops and large amounts of candy sugar. Deep ruby color with hints of dried fruits. (O.G. 17.5 ABV 7.2%)

Worktruck Wheat – Bavarian Style Hefeweizen brewed with all German Malts and hops. Unfiltered with big notes of banana and clove. (O.G. 13.1 ABV 5.2%)

Antique Amber Lager – An American Lager brewed with German Pilsner , Caramel malts and Hallertau Mittlefruh hops. An easy drinking session beer. (O.G.12.5 ABV 5.4%)

Raspberry Wheat – A light bodied American Wheat Beer aged on Oregon Raspberries for a big Raspberry nose but a mild Raspberry flavor. (O.G. 12.0 ABV 5.3%)

Old School Pilsener – Our Bohemian Style Pilsener. Brewed with all German Malts and generous amounts of Czech Saaz. Big hop aroma and flavor. (O.G. 13.8 ABV 5.6%)

Plowboy Porter – An well balanced English style Porter brewed with Pale,Chocolate and caramel malts complimented by English Fuggles. (O.G. 14.0 ABV 5.4%)