CraftBeerCellarLogoLet me put my old man hat on and recount the dark days of craft beer in St. Louis. It was a simpler time, and by simple I mean you had very little options when it came to buying craft beer in the area. If you found some Schlafly on the shelf in the grocery store, you were thankful and you liked it.

My how far we’ve come.

Not only do we have some sort of craft beer available in almost every watering hole in the area, but we’re seeing places choose St. Louis as a place to put some roots.  Example?  Craft Beer Cellar.  This chain of beer retail was started in 2010 with the philosophy of “Sell[ing] beer for a living and try to keep a fun and laid back spirit.” Fun? Laid back? Craft beer?  Sounds like a perfect fit for St. Louis.

Up until now all of their locations have been located on the East Coast.  St. Louis is the home of their first Midwest location. Well, I’m happy to announce that on Saturday, May 17th, CBC (located at 8113 Maryland Ave. in Clayton) will be officially open for business.  The first 1000 customers to CBC on Saturday will receive a complementary gift bag with a 6-pack sampler along with some swag (as long as you make a purchase.  )

But pssst, I have a secret for you.  To try and get through some of the first days of nerves and shakiness, CBC will be doing a soft opening tomorrow, May 15th with their doors opening at 10AM.

Even better is that CBC is looking to be a big part of the STL Hops community, which means that they’re extending a 10% discount to STL Hops members (who bring in the flyer below) for mix-a-six packs during their soft opening.

I think we can all appreciate more choices in St. Louis and we can appreciate places that recognize their base and want to support them. Pretty exciting news, I’m glad we’re a long way from those dark days of craft beer in St. Louis.