If you love beer and can stand to be around clowns (and I don’t mean the clowns that normally attend beer festivals) then maybe you’d love to win some tickets to the 4 Hands Brewing Lupulin Carnival. Thanks to the fine folks at 4 Hands, I have two tickets to give away for this event.

Normally, we’d just pick a random winner, but I’m feeling a bit saucy today. So, we’re going to pick the most creative hop-based clown name or hop-based carnival ride. For example: Citra the Clown or the Calypso Cyclone. Only, don’t use those, because they suck.

Most creative name (based on what I think is awesome) wins two tickets to this Saturday’s festival. Send an email to contest@stlhops.com with the subject of Lupulin Carnival and include your Clown/Carnival Ride name in the body of the message. I’ll pick the best winner on Thursday, March 1st at 9AM. Standard contest rules apply:

  • If you’ve won something from STL Hops in the past 6 months, please be cool and let someone else enter.
  • If you can’t attend, please don’t enter.
  • You must be 21 or older to enter.
  • No multiple entries.

Good luck and don’t let me down.