Civil Life Brewing

If you haven’t noticed, Civil Life is a big fan of pigs. First we had Pigs and Pints Part 1. Then we had Pigs and Pints Part 2: Electric Pigaloo. If you didn’t make it to either of these shindigs, you missed out on some great food, beer, and fun. Lucky for you, they will never stop in their quest to serve more pig.

This Saturday, July 6th, Civil Life Brewing Company will be having a South City Pig Roast. From 12:30 until the pig runs out, they will be serving 1/3lb sandwiches with 2 sides for $8 (cash only). Throw in a pint of Civil Life beer for $5 and you’ve got a meal that’s tough to beat.

Civil Life is probably the kid friendliest brewery in St. Louis, so bring the whole family down and enjoy some beer and meat this holiday weekend, just like Jesus intended when he invented the United States.