Breweries aren’t dumb. They know you love their everyday line-up, but they know you clamor for the special releases. If it’s difficult to get, the more people seem to want to buy it. Sometimes you have people lining out the door to get their hands on these hard to get beers.

Charleville Microbrewery has always had some unusual one-off creations so it should come as no surprise that they’re doing some cool stuff this fall. Over the next few days, Charleville will be releasing a few of their one-off kegs for a few events at the International Tap House.

Here’s a list of events:

  • Tuesday Oct 23rd – 6PM (iTap Soulard) – We release 1 of 2 kegs of the Saline Kriek (Aged in Chardonel Wine Barrels for 9 months then aged on tart cherries for 4 months)
  • Friday Oct 26th – 6PM (iTap Chesterfield) – We will have a cask of The Witch’s Brew’mmm Pumpkin
  • Tuesday Oct 30th – 6PM (iTap Chesterfield) – We release the 2nd keg of Saline Kriek, and it is Panda’s Birthday!

If you’re looking to try some of these fascinating creations, make sure to visit iTAP for these events this week.