stlennysWe’ve talked multiple times about how pervasive collaborations are in craft beer.  It’s amazing to see breweries working together to produce some amazing one-off beers.  Which is why it’s exciting to see another local brewery get into the mix of producing a collaborative effort.

Within the next few days we should begin seeing the hard work of Cathedral Square Brewing and Shmaltz Brewing Company pay off when we see their collaboration, St. Lenny’s, hit the shelves. Here’s a little run-down of how the beer came to be from Shmaltz owner, Jeremy Cowan:

Brothers and sisters, I’m pissed! As one tends to do over beers, I’d been talking smack with my long time colleague and friend Brian Neville, brewmaster at St. Louis, Missouri’s, Cathedral Square Brewery, a disciple of Belgian-style creations. A collaboration perhaps at our newly birthed Shmaltz brewery? Like angel trumpets from heaven, he decrees the project shall be called, “The Immaculate Collaboration.”

He further proclaims we must do a monk-inspired version of our beloved Bittersweet Lenny’s RIPA with Belgian yeast, naming it “St. Lenny’s.” Mouth agape, I cry, “Dude, you bogarted my shtick!” That’s what friends are for, I guess – great minds drink alike – and for now, it isn’t my brewing (that’s Paul, Richie and Mike), my art (Matt) or my punchlines (Brian)– but after 16 years, it is in fact my brewery (along w the whole Shmaltz
Brewing tribe)!  L’Chaim!

This 10% monster features a cavalcade of hops including Simcoe, Chinook, Amarillo, Mt. Hood, Centennial, and Cascade along with 2 row, rye malt, and flaked rye. This “immaculate collaboration” should be hitting your favorite store shelves any day now.