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Category: Homebrewing

homebrew-cfield5Way back when I used to be a homebrewer. It was exciting to know how beer was made and even more exciting when something I crafted also turned out to be delicious.

I always dreamed of having one of my recipes made by a commercial brewery. It’s fun to give your beer to friends to try out and enjoy, but it’s a whole different ballgame to see your beers on tap at your favorite bar. I’m pretty sure this is a dream shared among most homebrewers

Well, the folks at the International Tap House and 4 Hands Brewing have teamed up to give one lucky homebrewer that dream. Next Saturday, April 30th, iTAP Chesterfield hosts its 4th annual Homebrew Competition.

There is still time to enter beers into the competition. Here is the link to the PDF which provides all of the rules and ingredient guidelines for the competition.

The competition begins at 3PM, but the fun doesn’t exclude those of you who aren’t homebrewers. For $5 you can come by iTAP to enjoy samples from all of the entries and vote for a “People’s Choice” winner.  You’ll also have your first chance to try the debut of the 3rd annual winning homebrew, a Pineapple IPA from Kevin Hampton.

If you happen to also like BBQ, PM BBQ will be featuring some tasty eats. BBQ and homebrew? There are few better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.

If you love beer and can stand to be around clowns (and I don’t mean the clowns that normally attend beer festivals) then maybe you’d love to win some tickets to the 4 Hands Brewing Lupulin Carnival. Thanks to the fine folks at 4 Hands, I have two tickets to give away for this event.

We’re going to once again pick the most creative hop-based clown name or hop-based carnival ride. For example: Citra the Clown or the Calypso Cyclone. Only, don’t use those, because they suck.

Most creative name (based on what I think is awesome) wins two tickets to this Saturday’s festival. Send an email to with the subject of Lupulin Carnival and include your Clown/Carnival Ride name in the body of the message. I’ll pick the best winner on Thursday, February 28th at 9AM. Standard contest rules apply:

  • If you’ve won something from STL Hops in the past 6 months, please be cool and let someone else enter.
  • If you can’t attend, please don’t enter.
  • You must be 21 or older to enter.
  • No multiple entries.

Good luck and don’t let me down.

Well it wasn’t that long ago that the 1st STL Hops Homebrew Club meeting took place.  We will be meeting monthly going forward on every 2nd Tuesday of the month.  This is a reminder that we will be having the STL Hops Homebrew Club meeting this coming Tuesday.

Place: Perennial Tasting Room (Located at 8125 Michigan Ave)

When: Tuesday May 8th
Time: 7PM-9PM

Bring: Homebrew to share and club/meeting dues

Last month’s meeting minutes and club information have been posted in the Forum.  Please come out and join us for this month’s meeting.  Hope to see you there!

It’s been a few months for those of you that had the opportunity to attend the STL Hops Teach a Friend to Homebrew Event back in January.   You may remember from the event that STL Hops is going to start up a new homebrew club.

Well, tonight is the night it all begins.  We will be holding the first club meeting at Perennial’s Tasting Room this evening.  The STL Hops Homebrew Club will be open to anyone that is interested in learning more about homebrewing and sharing any of your homebrew experiences.  The meeting details are as follows:

Place: Perennial Tasting Room (Located at 8125 Michigan Ave)
When: Tuesday April 10th
Time: 7PM-9PM
What: Discuss club formation details
Bring: Homebrew to share.

Please come out and join us for our first meeting.  Currently, we will be meeting on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Perennial.  Hope to see you tonight!

stlhopswikiWho says there can only be one day a year to teach a friend to homebrew? Maybe you got some new homebrew startup gear over the holidays or maybe you just missed the event in November. Either way, we have an event for you! The newly formed STL Hops Homebrew Club is hosting a “Teach a Friend to Homebrew Day” this Saturday January 14th at 9AM at Perennial Artisan Ales located at 8125 Michigan Ave.

There will be four brewers with different all grain systems, Jim Leabig (Keggles and Cooler), Dave Blue (Blichmann Boilermaker Kettles and Cooler), Troy Meier (Blichmann Top Tier HERMS), and Cory King will be brewing on his pilot/homebrew system. This will be a great chance for anyone who extract brews, or is just interested in learning what all-grain brewing is all about. Also, if you already all-grain brew, this will be a chance to see other all-grain systems.

This event is open to all and is free to attend. If you’d like to bring a bottle or two of a homebrew you’ve created you are more than welcome if you are looking for feedback. For more information check out the Homebrew Forums thread on the topic here.

There are many reasons people get into homebrewing. One reason is to learn the art of making beer. Another big reason is that people are looking to make styles of beer they love at a cheaper price. But here’s the catch, ingredients (especially hops) are still kind of expensive.

But what if you can save some money on hops? Well, this Saturday, December 17th from 1PM to 4PM the Anheuser-Busch Home Brewers Group is giving away hops in an event they’re calling the Great Hop Give-Away! This will be your chance to get some free Hallertau & Saaz whole-cone hops for a limited this this Saturday.

All you need to do is show up at the designated time, bring your own bag/container, and tell the folks at the visitor center that you’re there for the giveaway, they’ll direct you to where you need to go. This is a great way to save some money and make some great beer.

Check this PDF for more info.

stable_128x126.jpgCollaborations are all the rage these days.  While it’s certainly cool to see breweries work together to brew up some neat beer, I particularly enjoy when breweries work with homebrewers to create something new.

When Amalgamated Brewing‘s head brewer Augie Altenbaumer was looking to create some new Belgian style beers at The Stable, one beer in particular stood out to him.  “When I tried this beer at the competition, it was like a puzzle piece clicking into place. I knew wanted to brew this beer,” said Augie.

So, after a phone call to homebrewer (and STL Hops member) Sean Heidmann and a talk over a few beers, they hammered out a recipe for a Rye Saison to be brewed at The Stable.  Here’s Augie’s description of the beer:

~5%abv, ~30IBU, the grain bill contains 15% flaked rye, it is hopped throughout with Amarillo, and is fermented with a “French Saison” yeast (I assume that means the Thiriez yeast strain). The combination of rye, Amarillo hops, and the expressive Saison yeast really make a great tasting beer!

They’ll be brewing up this beer this Sunday, February 13th, so feel free to stop by and watch Augie and Sean like a couple of fish in an aquarium. They’re shooting for a mid-March release of the beer. When it comes out, I’ll be certain to let everyone know.