hopslam.jpgTaste memory is a fascinating thing. With each new release of beer, we have to determine if it was like our previous version. It’s even more fascinating when it comes to yearly releases.

You’re forced to try and remember what a beer tasted like from a year ago. Sometimes it’s easier when they’re beers that can be aged so you’ll have an idea of what it tasted like at one time, but for something like hoppier beers, you’re going off of memory and tasting notes if you have them.

Sometimes it’s even difficult to differentiate between a bottle and draught unless they’re side by side. How about an event that not only let’s you try them side by side, but also throws in a cask for good measure. What if I told you that the draught, bottle and cask were all Bell’s Hopslam?

I knew I’d get your attention.

This Friday, February 25th, starting at 7PM, the International Tap House in Chesterfield will be doing an “experiment” putting a sample of draught, bottle, and cask up for your taste buds. You can purchase all three in 5oz sample glasses for $13, or if you’re just interesting in drinking them alone, that can be arranged as well.

Give your taste memory a break and try this one a year beer side by side.