Last year, I showed you a photo of just some of the casks that Schlafly purchased to expand their cask beer program. Well, when you have this many casks at your disposal, it means you get to put on events showcasing your beer.

In this case, it’s taking a cask of Schlafly beer and serving it at Bigelo’s Bistro in Edwardsville, Illinois.

This Friday, July 30th, starting a 5PM, a representative from Schlafly will be tapping a cask of the very special Indian Brown Ale.  This beer was originally created as a wedding beer for Schlafly brewer Brennan Greene; it’s now become a annual favorite at the Tap Room. They’ll be serving it until the cask runs out or until Bigelo’s closes.

Nothing quite like being able to enjoy some great cask beer right in your own backyard. While you’re at Bigelo’s, make sure to ask for the very awesome STL Hops pizza.