image080.jpgYou’ve asked and Schlafly delivers.  Starting tonight, June 8th, the second Tuesday of every month will be Cask Night at the Schlafly Bottleworks.  The beer will be tapped at 6PM.

Tonight will provide you with a chance to try a traditional ale, similar to what you would have found before the days of stainless steel and forced carbonation.  Tonight’s cask will be the Schlafly Dry-Hopped APA with what I’m being told is, “lots of added hops”.

If you’re not clear on what cask beer is, here’s a little information from Schlafly’s VP Dan Kopman on how they create their cask beer:

We take beer off the sample point at that 5 day point where the primary fermentation is complete and yeast and sugar still remain. We then simply bung the cask and store it to allow the additional fermentation and conditioning to happen. So the beer is cask conditioned.

If we take it too late then we don’t get enough natural carbonation and we can get very flat cask ale on tap. If we take it too early the opposite. Then we dispense without CO2 or nitrogen – no cask breather. We do not add finings as I seem to be the only consumer of cask ale that is still hung up on a “bright pint”. We do not add any extra sugar to the cask or yeast.

This is an excellent opportunity to educate or re-educate yourself on just how great cask beer can be.