See that guy to the right? That’s Carl Niermann. Who’s Carl you may ask? Well, Carl is one of the best dudes ever associated with STL Hops. He’s a really good guy and someone I’m lucky enough to call a friend.

How good of a guy is Carl? Well, when The Civil Life Brewing was in the throes of getting open, Carl happily stepped up and volunteered his help to get any little thing they needed to get done. What did Carl ask for in return? Nothing.

Well, not entirely nothing. He once asked the boys at Civil Life to brew a “Maibock/helles.” Well, in honor of Carl, they’ve done just that. And to honor Carl even further, they’ve named the beer after him.

And to celebrate the new beer and also the awesomeness that is Carl, they’ve even decided to have a number of release parties this weekend “following in Carl’s footsteps.” The parties celebrating Carl and CarlBock begin on Friday, March 16th at 1PM at the International Tap House in Soulard. After iTAP, Carl then heads to 33 Wine Shop and Tasting Bar at 3:30PM for the next tapping of CarlBock.

The party continues at 12PM on Saturday, March 17th when Carl arrives at The Civil Life for the ceremonial tapping of CarlBock. Over the next two days (the 17th and 18th) Carl will also visit Bailey’s Range and Bridge Tap House where the CarlBock will also be on tap.

For those of you who can make it to iTAP on Friday afternoon, you will also be given a CarlBock Passport. If you’re one of the first 50 people who can make it to all 5 spots listed above, you’ll receive a limited-edition CarlBock t-shirt!

For more details about all of the events (put way more amusingly than I’ve put them here) make sure to check out The Civil Life Blog. Get out this weekend and have a CarlBock!