Big shout out to Dave Nelson from Beer, Wine and Whisky for picking this information up, but it looks like Capital Brewery out of Middleton, WI looks to be returning back to Missouri after a long hiatus.

Capital’s claim to fame is brewing lager beers, which in my opinion takes a lot of skill to do well.  Here’s a list of what was registered with the state:

  • Capital Brewery Autumnal Fire Doppelbock
  • Capital Brewery Capital Dark Lager
  • Capital Brewery Capital Square Series Eisphyre
  • Capital Brewery Capital Square Series Imperial Dopelbock
  • Capital Brewery Capital Square Series Weizen Doppelbock
  • Capital Brewery Oktoberfest Seasonal Beer
  • Capital Brewery Capital Pilsner
  • Capital Brewery Winter Skal Seasonal Beer
  • Capital Brewery Wisconsin Amber American Lager

Things still seem to be a bit up in the air, I called the brewery to find out what their distributing plans are and the person I talked to wasn’t quite sure at this time.  But it looks like St. Louis lager lovers will soon have a reason to rejoice.