While doing a bit of business out in San Diego, Lohr’s Craft Beer Manager, Cory King, was lucky enough to try a bit of Russian River’s much sought after beer, Pliny the Younger.  When asked about his thoughts, Cory responded on Twitter: “Great beer = yes! Life changing = no”

While over-hyped beers can certainly live up to expectations on occasion, is there a point where any beer ever be life changing? I know for me, the answer is yes. I wish I could say that the beer was Pliny the Younger, or Dark Lord, or Hopslam. But the reality is, it was Newcastle Brown Ale.

It was because of a few friends and their love of Newcastle that I swerved out of the American light lager lane and saw just what beer could be.  It was (obviously) a very slippery slope from there.  Not only did I embrace beer, I learned to brew it at home as well.

Then there’s the little subject called STL Hops.  Not only have I gotten to attend cool events and try awesome new beers, but I’ve made a lot of really great friends and acquaintances from the site.

Now this is just one man’s perspective and obviously not everyone is going to have the same experience as me.  But it’s amazing to look back and see what a single glass of beer has done to change my life.  What has beer done to change your life?