Way back in May, I posted a photo of the newest addition to the Anheuser-Busch profile, the Budweiser American Ale.  At the time I didn’t really post any thoughts on it.  One, because it was the weekend of the Heritage Festival and I was pretty busy and two, because while trying a beer in the AB tasting room is nice, there’s something nicer about tasting it at your own leisure at your own home.

So a couple of weeks ago I received the press kit from AB containing not only two bottles of Budweiser American Ale, but a pint glass, two Budweisers and the new Budweiser glass as well.  Not to mention it was packaged up in a very nifty box.  It’s amazing what millions of dollars for marketing will get you.


As for my thoughts on the beer, well I’m going to try and avoid a full fledged review, because honestly my opinion doesn’t really mean much.  The first thing I noticed when I smelled the beer is just how much malt aroma I picked up.  It’s mostly a bready smelling malt, with a bit of caramel aroma as well.  I also picked up a lot of citrusy Cascade as well.  I don’t know if the recipe as been reformulated a bit more or if I just received a really fresh sample but the hops really came through more on this one than it did when I tasted it in May.

The aroma carries right through to the flavor, bready and slightly hoppy, but never overly bitter.  The dry hopping seems to have done it’s job well as you can really pick up that hop flavor without being overpowered by the bitterness. My biggest complaint was the carbonation level, it was far too carbonated for my taste.  I thought it could have a touch less carbonation and it would make for an easier drinking beer on the whole.

I guess my way of fully judging a beer is if I’d ever do one of two things: buy a six-pack of it and/or buy it while I’m in a restaurant.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I’d ever buy a six-pack of it.  That’s not to say it’s a bad beer, in fact it’s a very nice sessionable beer.  But I personally prefer something with just a bit more character.

Now, being this is St. Louis and trying to find a beer in a restaurant that isn’t AB is sometimes I challenge I’d probably say that if this is available at a restaurant with a limited beer selection, I’d probably make this one my first choices. In fact, I’d probably go so far to choose this over Schlafly Pale Ale and New Belgium’s Fat Tire as I think this beer has a bit more character than both of those.

If you haven’t had the chance to try this beer yet, you’ll have your opportunity very soon.  This beer is scheduled to be released on September 15th on draught and  September 29th in bottles.  As soon as I know where this will be available in the area, I’ll post it here.  If you’ve tried the beer, let me know your thoughts.