mattingly_84x128.jpgSad news to report this afternoon, I’ve just learned that Doug Mattingly, owner of Mattingly Brewing Company, had decided not to renew their liquor license at this time.  What this means is that Mattingly is closed as of last evening.

This is a real blow for those of us who enjoyed drinking some of the great beer that was being put out by Mattingly’s Head Brewer, Drew Huerter.  So, what happens next?  Well, according to Doug Mattingly, he’d be happy to take on a majority investor or even sell the brewpub outright.

What about all of the beer, like the Funky Friday batch, that’s sitting in the basement?  That’s up in the air as well.  With no liquor license, it means that they can’t legally sell the beer.  So it’s going to just be sitting there until something happens.

With any luck we can find someone who wants to take on the challenge of running a brewpub.  It’ll be a real shame if we don’t see it reopen.