logo-bridge-wpDecember 26th is known as Boxing Day in the commonwealth nations. Regardless of why it came about, it means an extra holiday for folks living in current (or former) British colonies.

As a former British colony, it’s a shame we don’t have one extra day to celebrate the holidays. But if you’re one of the lucky few off this Friday (or even if you’re not), perhaps you’ll want to pop into Bridge Tap House to enjoy some very special beers that Bridge has received from Mikkeller.

Beginning at 6PM, Bridge will be tapping Spontanrosehip (a sour ale brewed with rosehip & aged in oak barrels), Spontanelderflower (a sour ale brewed with sea buckthorn), and the Limoncello IPA (a collaboration with Hill Farmstead).

Friday night at one of the most beautiful beer bars in the country seems like a pleasant way to enjoy this holiday season, even if we didn’t get the day off.