tank7If you’ve been paying attention to the STL Hops Twitter account, you may remember my drunken tweet of, “Tank 7 from Boulevard was well worth the price of Microfest VIP ticket.”  While the message may have been sullied by a drunken blogger, it was absolutely accurate.  Tank 7 was my favorite beer of the festival and I went back three or four times to keep getting samples.

Hopefully I’m not mistaken on this, but I’m going to relay the message I’ve heard a couple of times now.  The Smokestack series Saison and the Saison-Brett do not actually start off with the same base beer, they’re two slightly different beers.  Tank 7 is actually a hoppier version of the Saison-Brett base, but without the addition of brettanomyces.

As many readers of STL Hops know, I’m not a fan of big hop aroma and flavor and Belgian yeast, the combination just doesn’t work for me.  But somehow Bouelvard found a way to pull it off and make a wonderfully refreshing summertime beer.

But I digress, to kick-off the release of the newest addition to the Smokestack Series, Boulevard will be hosting a part at Newstead Tower Public House on Tuesday, June 23rd at 6:30PM.  Boulevard rep Laura Dale will be on-hand to sample this beer as well as talk about everything that makes this beer great.