founders_logoThis is a big update in two ways.  One is that I have exciting news about two of the most sought after beers from Founders Brewing.  The other reason the update is big is that both of the beers in question have an ABV above 11%.

According to Missouri Beverage‘s Derek Bean, we should begin seeing Founders special release named Nemesis on shelves beginning tomorrow, March 4th.  Nemesis is a wheatwine.  Ok, it’s not just any old wheatwine, here’s their description of the beer:

“The 2009 release of Nemesis is best described as a Maple Bourbon barrel aged wheat wine holding 12% abv and 70 ibu’s. The barrels have been resting deep in the mines of Grand Rapids for nearly 9 months and have been most effective in developing a great product. The Bourbon barrels we used in this creation were once used to age Maple syrup from northern Michigan, then emptied, and procured for our use in aging this beer. The combination of American oak, Kentucky Bourbon, Michigan Maple syrup and our golden/tan wheat ale has provided a delicious malty sweet ale distinctive of strong vanilla and bourbon notes.”

As you can imagine, this will be a very sought after beer and will disappear from store shelves quickly. Don’t miss out on this.

The other big beer is the yearly release of Founders KBS (previously known as Kentucky Breakfast Stout.) KBS Day will be celebrated on Saturday, March 13 at the Founders brewery. What that means for St. Louis is that we’ll begin seeing KBS show up on store shelves and on draught on Monday, March 15th!

Where could we be seeing this on draught?  Early reports is that we’ll be seeing it at Bigelo’s Bistro and The Good Pie has already said they’ll be tapping a keg on March 15th. I know I’ll be there.