stable_128x126.jpgYou have to give it to The Stable, they’re not one to rest upon the 2009 Best Beer Selection in a Restaurant award from the Riverfront Times, they’re always trying to push the envelope. So it should be no surprise that they’re always trying to find ways to tug at a beer geek’s heart.

This Saturday, August 28th, beginning at 6PM, you’ll have a chance to purchase pints of the Bell’s Porter on cask from Bell’s Brewery. Here’s a description of the beer from Bell’s website:

A robust porter for all occasions. A blend of dark malts give this beer flavors of coffee and chocolate with subtle roasted notes.Gold medal winner in the Brown Porter category Brewers Association World Beer Cup 2008. Original Gravity: 1.055, Alcohol by Volume: 5.6%

Exciting stuff. Many of us have been begging for more cask ale in the St. Louis area and The Stable, as always, has been listening.