stable_128x126.jpgThree casks in three weeks?  What is the The Stable up to?  If they keep up this pace, it really would only make sense to install a permanent cask system.  (WINK, WINK. NUDGE, NUDGE.)

This Friday, September 10th, beginning at 6PM, you’ll have a chance to purchase pints of the Kalamazoo Stout on cask from Bell’s Brewery. Here’s a description of the beer from Bell’s website:

Kalamazoo Stout represents stouts in the Bell’s year-round roster, offering a blend of dark chocolate and coffee flavors with just a hint of brewer’s licorice. One of our oldest recipes, it balances a significant hop presence against the roast malt body. Alcohol by Volume: 6.0%

Exciting stuff. Many of us have been begging for more cask ale in the St. Louis area and The Stable, as always, has been listening.