Usually when you hear the words “beer” and contest” the rules deal mainly with how much beer a person has to drink. So when Sam brought this contest at Bottom’s Up Brewhouse to my attention I was at first skeptical, but after quickly reading the rules I quickly grew intrigued:

You pay $5 to enter
You get 2 samples for each round
They might be #1 Bud, #2 Miller, (for example) it’s a blind tasting, you will be told what beer is served, but YOU have to pick which is which.
It’s a double elimination tournament
Prizes will be awarded each week

According to Dave Johnson, it turns out that O’Fallon Brewery founder, Tony Caradona, had come up with this idea almost 20 years ago when he owned a bar in Maryville, Illinois. Tony was talking to the owner of Bottom’s Up and he loved the idea. If there is any luck, people will take this as seriously as they did 20 years ago at Tony’s bar. Dave suggested the idea of teams from other bars competing against each other in a league. Which in my opinion is just a brilliant idea. I know I’ll be trying to make my way out to O’Fallon soon to try my hand at tasting beers.