1-IMG_6890Do you check out the STL Hops forums from time to time?  If not, you should, a lot of beer news that’s happening never makes it to the front page.  But a few nuggets of information came down over the past few days and I thought I’d share it with you.

Starting first, Phil Wymore from Perennial Artisan Ales:

I’m glad this thread has been revisited. Canning was a direction we were completely committed to about a year ago, but things change quickly in the beer world. The demand for our 750s never plateaued the way we expected, our space is limited (though growing), and all these barrels we added in the past year keep getting in the damn way!

We’re planning to take more space within our building, which canning would require, but instead of canning, we’re doubling down on wood. Both Perennial and Side Project will be bringing in 60 bbl foeders (wooden tanks) — 2 for Perennial, 1 for Side Project. In fact, Cory and I are heading to California in 2 weeks to load them on the truck. We will both continue to bring in more wine and spirits barrels as well.

Additionally, we’re about a month away from a big cellar expansion, which should just about double our capacity. With our newly forged commitment to wood-aged beer and our desire to increase said production, our next big purchase will be a bigger brewhouse. This is admittedly less sexy than a canning line, but absolutely necessary to achieve our new vision.

Long story short, the canning project at Perennial is at a dead end, but we feel that we’re penning a happier, and more interesting chapter in its place. As always, thank you for your patience with our plans and your support of Perennial. Please stay tuned for upcoming releases and collaboration projects. There’s barely enough time to execute all of our plans this year, but goddammit we’re going to try.


Next up, Rod Burguiere from Excel Brewing Company:

We’re going through some pretty exciting changes this year, new people on the brew staff and a complete rebranding. Dropping quite a few of our beers (including Citra, thank spaghetti monster) and adding some new ones. Here’s what’s on the schedule so far:

  • Southside Stout: 6.5% ABV American stout, available draft only for now
  • Flash Bang: 4.6% ABV hoppy wheat, should be available on draft in April
  • Yet-to-be-named rye schwarzbier: 4.8% ABV, draft in late summer/early fall
  • Bruja: 10% ABV pumpkin ale aged in anejo Tequila barrels available draft and bottles in September
  • 2nd Anni Imperial Porter: 11% brewed w/ chocolate and coconut aged in whiskey barrels, available draft and bottles in September
  • Two Frenchmen: 7% ABV bier de garde brewed w/ elderflower and orange peel, collab w/ the boys at Heavy Riff

So, should be fun and exciting.

Last but not least, Cory King from Side Project Brewing:

Hello everyone.

Just wanted to let you know about what is next from Side Project. My next beer will be Saison de Rouge.

Saison de Rouge is a dry-hopped Red Saison that was fermented in red wine barrels with 100% Brettanomyces. This Saison will be very different than my previous releases as it focuses more on hops, spice, malt and a little funk without the acidity…

Although it finished really dry for this malt bill, you will still get a bunch of orchard fruit, starburst candy, orange and grape juice and lime peel on the palate from the dry hops (Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe). This is one of the juiciest beers I have ever brewed and I am really excited to show everyone something different from Side Project.

When I do release it, there will be bottles to-go and draft available at Perennial Artisan Ales.

5 months in Chambourcin barrels
7% ABV
Kettle Hops – Nugget, Amarillo
Dry Hops – Mosaic, Simcoe, Citra
100% Brett Fermented

Limit, Price and Release Date were intentionally left off of this post 😉

Thank you all for the amazing support, I really appreciate it! I have a feeling that Side Project is going to have a big year with some big things and beers to announce later in 2014…

A lot of exciting information from all of these breweries and I didn’t want you to miss out.