Remember on Monday when I said, “In a trend that is not likely to continue, I received word…that St. Louis will be getting another brewery.”  Well, it looks like I was lying about the “trend not likely to continue” part.  In some shocking news this afternoon, Evan Benn of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch announced the information about another new brewery opening in St. Louis.

According to Evan, Phil Wymore, one of the pivotal brewers for Half Acre Beer Co. in Chicago will be moving to St. Louis to open the Perennial Artisan Ales brewery.  The most exciting part about this new brewery, in my opinion, is that Phil isn’t looking at going after the average beer drinker, but the hardcore beer nerds.

As part of Evan’s interview with Phil, he gives up this awesome information:

Perennial will be crafting small batches of beer with a lot of variety. Our goal is to produce 12-15 different beers in our first year. We will be focused on farmhouse ales, barrel-aged styles, and fruit beers — basically, the styles that we and our beer geek friends get very excited about.

We’re not interested in brewing wheat beer and pale ale as we feel these styles are well-covered by others in St. Louis. The way we see it, why be the 9th or 10th brewery in St. Louis making a fine pale ale when we could be the first making a Blood Orange Wit or a Blackberry Lambic, for example.

12-15 beers in the first year is very ambitious, even for an established brewery, I curious to see what he can pull off. It sounds as if we’re not going to see anything from Perennial until 2011.

I’m in Madison, WI this weekend for the Great Taste of the Midwest, I’ll see if Phil is in town and if so try and catch up with him to get any additional information. Stay tuned.