Perennial_Abraxas_V04Hey, remember all the way back to last week when we mentioned that Beer Advocate gave the Perennial Artisan Ales Abraxas a score of 100? It was/is a big deal.  Granted, none of us needed a score to know how awesome the beer is, but the recognition for Perennial was certainly nice.

But, how can you make an already awesome beer more awesomer? Some people may disagree, but I do think that putting big honking imperial stouts into used liquor barrels can often make a beer awesomer. With some patience and some time barrels can certainly take your beer to Pleasure Town.

You’re lucky that the fine folks at Perennial have both the patience and the time to create something as special as Barrel-aged Abraxas.  Perennial poured some of their liquid gold into freshly-emptied Rittenhouse Rye barrels and then let it sit for 13 months.

Now, please pick up your tongue off the keyboard and put it back into your mouth. You’re probably wondering how to get your hands on these very special beers. Headbrewer Cory King lays out all of the details on how to get your hands on one:

 Barrel Aged Abraxas will be released on Jan 24th at the brewery.

  • $23 a bottle.
  • 6 bottle limit.
  • Sales will start when we open the doors.
  • We expect a line to form before opening, so our plan is to have someone on our team stand outside and as people arrive, we will ask you how many bottles you want, fill out a ticket, sign it and hand it to you. This will prevent the risk of pushing in the bar and line cutters. 
  • We will continue to do this at the front door until we sell out.
  • We will be selling the bottles in the cellar of the brewery (plenty of room) and since you will have a ticket, there will be no worrying about us running out.
  • We will be tapping one 1/6 barrel on Thursday at 6 pm, Friday at 4 pm, and Saturday at noon.

If you really want this beer, there is a good chance you’ll be able to get it. But there is still a limited number of bottles and I wouldn’t expect to find this after Thursday night. Can’t wait to try it.