Attention my Jefferson County brothers and sisters, there is a location to buy craft beer in Barnhart! For those of you looking to get your craft beer fix in Jefferson County, I’m happy to report that U-Gas Convenience Store on 1727 Catlin Rd. in Barnhart is now offering up a selection of craft beer.

After dabbling with craft beer at their Waterloo, Illinois location, I think that U-Gas is starting to see the benefit of bringing in more craft beer into the area.  For those of you that will frequent this new location and are looking for something that’s not on the shelf, be sure to ask for the management and tell them what you’re looking for.  They’re very receptive to their customers and are always looking for something new.

I’ve also been told that they’re looking to expand the selection you see below and also provide a cold selection of their craft beer in the future.  So, head on out and get your fix.

Full Disclosure: My brother Andrew Sweeney works for U-Gas. While he and I will not personally benefit from any additional sales from this store, I thought I’d still get this info out there.. Great beer is still great beer and I thought people in this area would like to know about this store.