With the new job, I knew things might be a bit crazier than normal for posting beer information. But little did I think that I’d find out about something as special as a the first cask of 2nd Shift Brewing’s Art of Neurosis IPA at around 4PM yesterday.

I don’t know about you, but I think this is a pretty big deal.  This is arguably one of the best IPAs being made in St. Louis and this will be our first opportunity to try it on cask.  That’s some cool beans.

Well, tonight (Thursday, July 7th) at the HandleBar, tapping at 6PM will be the first cask to ever come out of 2nd Shift Brewing.  Let’s all come out and give the boys at 2nd Shift some support.  They’re a little nervous as this is their first cask, so it’ll be great to see a good turnout.

Disclaimer: 2nd Shift Brewing is one of the brands I now represent at Lohr Distributing in my position of Craft Beer Manager. I’m promoting this on STL Hops not because it’s my brand, but because it’s a cool event.