You may remember way back last year when Boston Brewing Company, the makers of Samuel Adams beer, debuted the ultimate beer glass.  The glass was designed for ultimate beer enjoyment with a narrow base to keep your beer cool and a tulip top to allow for maximum aroma.  One of the other design features was laser etching at the bottom of the glass that provides a nucleation point for continuous bubbling from the CO2, which also helps to provide more aroma from the beer.  This isn’t new technology, Champagne glasses have had this feature for quite some time.

Well, it looks like AB has followed suit and has designed a glass of their own which also contains the same laser etching feature found in the Samuel Adams glasses.  And from the looks of the picture Paul from The Wine and Cheese Place sent me, it looks like it really works.  If you looking for a beer glass that’s not nearly as funky looking as the Sam Adams ones, this may be your best option.