Bourbon barrel-aged beers are all of the rage these days. It seems like you can’t swing a dead cat without a brewery releasing one of these very special beers. But while we’ve all probably experienced drinking a bourbon-barrel beer, have you ever seen the process of turning whiskey into bourbon?

Well you have an opportunity this Saturday, February 11th, from 3PM to 6PM at American Craft Brewing and Distilling (formerly The Stable) to see the magic of seeing how whiskey becomes bourbon. But this is a beer site, what if neither bourbon or whiskey appeals to you.

How about an opportunity to enjoy some Founders Brewing KBS and CBS? Starting at 3PM, American Craft will have a very limited amount of these sought-after elixirs from Michigan.

It’s a very special opportunity to see not only how these barrel-aged beers get started, but to enjoy some of the finest examples around.