stable_128x126.jpgCollaborations are all the rage these days.  While it’s certainly cool to see breweries work together to brew up some neat beer, I particularly enjoy when breweries work with homebrewers to create something new.

When Amalgamated Brewing‘s head brewer Augie Altenbaumer was looking to create some new Belgian style beers at The Stable, one beer in particular stood out to him.  “When I tried this beer at the competition, it was like a puzzle piece clicking into place. I knew wanted to brew this beer,” said Augie.

So, after a phone call to homebrewer (and STL Hops member) Sean Heidmann and a talk over a few beers, they hammered out a recipe for a Rye Saison to be brewed at The Stable.  Here’s Augie’s description of the beer:

~5%abv, ~30IBU, the grain bill contains 15% flaked rye, it is hopped throughout with Amarillo, and is fermented with a “French Saison” yeast (I assume that means the Thiriez yeast strain). The combination of rye, Amarillo hops, and the expressive Saison yeast really make a great tasting beer!

They’ll be brewing up this beer this Sunday, February 13th, so feel free to stop by and watch Augie and Sean like a couple of fish in an aquarium. They’re shooting for a mid-March release of the beer. When it comes out, I’ll be certain to let everyone know.