If you were paying attention to the comments over the weekend, you saw that Vancer gave us a huge scoop.  Looks like Wm. D. Alandale Brewing Company has been sold and is now Highland Restaurant and Brewery.  Also turns out that the new Head Brewer at Highland is none other than brewer extraordinaire Dave Johnson.  I emailed Dave to ask him a few questions about Highland, as you can imagine he’s very busy now working at three breweries so I appreciate the quick responses.

highlandWhen did this happen?
About 2 weeks ago
What are the first changes?
A little remodeling
New Menu? Chef?
New menu
What beers do you see coming?
Right now the Rye APA, and I brewed a Pilsner today. More changes later.
How do you keep this venture separate from O’Fallon and Buffalo?
Pretty tough.
Does this mean we don’t see this new venture at Heritage?
We will be there.

Dave promised more information soon.  As someone who lives about 5 minutes from Alandale, I have to say I’m excited about having the Rye IPA just that much closer to my home.