If you’re the courageous type and want to brave the blizzard, Dave from Beer Wine and Whiskey posted some interesting info on his blog about a rare beer making an appearance at 33 Wine Bar.

Hey St. Louis beer folks, got word from Dylan that Aecht Schlenkerla Fastenbier is on tap down at 33! This is a pretty rare one from one of the few breweries in Bamberg still making the traditional beers with beechwood-smoked malts. In the old days (whether they were good or not I suppose depends on your preference for rauchbiers) the malt was dried over wood fires (just as much malt used in Scotland was dried over peat fires), as there wasn’t coal or coke or natural gas. The smoke infused the malt with its goodness – in the case of beechwood smoke, a wonderful range of meaty, bacony, smokey flavors. A few wonderful folks have kept up the tradition, and the Schlenkerla beers are really wonderful and amazing. So, go and get your Lent on.

Oh, and I heard from a reliable source that when the Val-Dieu is empty, a keg of Schneider’s amazing Aventinus Weizenbock is going on next. So, if you’re a Val-Dieu fan, get it before it’s gone, and if you’re an Aventinus fan, start doing your liver exercises!

A nice smoky beer sounds like a treat on a snowy day like today.