stlhopslogosmall.gifI realize that this post is really only for about 40 people and that it’s just a tease for those of you that want to attend, but here are a couple quick things about tonight’s dinner.

Beer Selections and Menu will be a surprise.

I’ve been going back and forth on this, but I had enough people on Twitter tell me that they wanted the menu to be a surprise, that I decided to go that way. If you have an open mind about food, have faith that Josh Galliano is a kick-ass chef who will serve some kick-ass food.

As far the beer I’ve selected, I’m hoping to temper some expectations right now.  Don’t expect any kind of crazy one-off beers. First, there is the issue of cost at play, but second, I just wanted to see how great beer gets paired with great food.

If you can figure out what four of my favorite beers are, then you can probably figure out what will be served.

Dinner will START at 6:30PM, doors open at 6:00PM

Not really much more to say about this.

If there is just two of you, you may be sitting with another couple.

If you haven’t been to Farmhaus, just know that it’s a small joint, so seating will be at a premium.  So, enjoy sitting and talking with another group of like-minded people.

Gratuity was not included in the ticket price.

Help those that are serving you tonight.  Make sure to tip your servers as many of them are working this event on their night off.

I think that’s pretty much all the information I have for tonight.  Please bear with Josh and I tonight.  This isn’t his normal kitchen and I’ve never done this before.  I’m very fortunate to have such an awesome crew working at tonight’s event that I’m feeling very confident that this will go well.  Can’t wait to see everyone tonight.