While we’ve seen more and more beers hitting St. Louis shelves as of recent, I’ve heard of a few that we won’t be seeing any time soon:

Bells – Java Stout and Sparkling Ale: Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing these two seasonals on store shelves this year as they’re being retired.  According to Bell’s rep Jim O’Connor both beers are being retired due to raw material issues.  But all is not bleak, we will see a return of Hell Hath No Fury to the St. Louis area along with a new Christmas Ale.

Founders Devil Dancer:  While we’ve all tried to weathered through the hop shortages this year here’s a victim that cuts straight through my heart.  Founders has announced that we will not be seeing their triple IPA Devil Dancer on shelves this winter.  On the plus side, Founders has expanded their capacity which means we’ll be seeing more of the beers we love so dearly (Red’s Rye) and hopefully more of the special seasonals they put out as well (Kentucky Breakfast Stout.)