The St. Louis Brews, one of the local St. Louis homebrewing clubs will be holding their monthly meeting tonight at the Annunciation Church in Webster Groves. The meeting starts at about 7PM. Tonight’s styles are as follows:

stlbrews.gifCat. 1 Light Lager

  • 1A. Lite American Lager
  • 1B. Standard American Lager
  • 1C. Premium American Lager

Cat. 2 Pilsner

  • 2C. Classic American Pilsner

Cat. 4 Dark Lager

  • 4A. Dark American Lager

Cat. 6 Light Hybrid Beer

  • 6A. Cream Ale
  • 6B. Blond Ale

Cat. 7 Amber Hybrid Beer

  • 7B. California Common Beer

Cat. 10 American Ale

  • 10A. American Pale Ale
  • 10B. American Amber Ale
  • 10C. American Brown

I will be bringing two beers for evaluation. It’s always an interesting experience and provides you with a lot of great feedback. If you’re looking to try some great beer tonight, this is your place.