There are a countless number of homebrewers that wish they could brew professionally. I won’t say it’s the dream of every homebrewer, but I’m sure it crosses their mind at some point during their homebrewing career. But let’s be honest, opening any new business is difficult, but opening your own brewery is a pretty staggering endeavor.

If only there was a Brewery Fantasy Camp here in our region! Well, now there is. On Saturday December 10th, 2nd Shift Brewing in New Haven, Missouri will be holding their first 2nd Shift Saturday School. This will be your opportunity to gets a hands on lesson in brewing a few hundred gallons of beer on the 2nd Shift system.

The $250 cost for this school provides you with the brewing experience, lunch, dinner, overnight lodging, breakfast the next morning, and two 750ml bottles of the beer once it’s completed. While the $250 includes meals and lodging for one guest of the student, only 10 students will be allowed to take part in the Saturday class.

If this is something you’re interested in (or know would make for a great early Christmas present) call Steve or Craig at the brewery at 573-237-3421 or send Craig an email at