One of the questions 2nd Shift Brewing’s owner Steve Crider probably gets asked most often is, “When do you plan to bottle?” For a brewery the size of 2nd Shift, which only plans on brewing about 250 barrels of beer this year, bottling beer is quite an undertaking.

You need to buy bottles, get labels designed, get labels approved by both state and federal government and then you need to have the equipment to bottle enough beer that it’s profitable to do so.  But Steve and his right-hand man Craig Borcherding are always listening to demand and people want bottles.  So, putting some beer into bottles is exactly what 2nd Shift if going to do.

With any luck, beginning in late October, you’ll see a limited number of 750ml bottles coming out of 2nd Shift Brewing Company.  The first two bottles that’ll see release will be an imperial stout named Liquid Spiritual Delight and a new version of their Unicorn Killer saison they’re calling UK2.

Liquid Spiritual Delight is a 8.3% ABV imperial stout that’ll be “chocolate, coffee, all that stuff,” according to Crider.  The UK2 will be 6.1% ABV and made with grains of paradise, ginger, and curaçao peel.  The beer is almost ready, Steve and Craig are just waiting for label approval and we should hopefully see this beer by the end of October.  This will be a very limited release, as every beer will be hand bottled by the 2nd Shift crew.  We can expect to see no more than about 300 bottles of each beer.  I can smell the trade bait already.