Remember those days when we in St. Louis would clamor to get some cask beer? I can remember people lining up 3 or 4 people deep at a bar to get some of the sweet cask goodness.

I’ll be honest, as of recent, I think people are getting a little more lackadaisical about casks. Sure people will show up when it’s something that people perceive as uber-rare, but if it’s not something that doesn’t come around more than once a year, there seems to be less support.

Let me add that I’m guilty of this as well. Where once I would track down every cask, regardless of its rarity, I don’t make it out to all of the events nearly as often. So, while we’re still early in the 2012 year, let’s all make a resolution to attend more casks events.

And since we’re all on this resolution, let’s all come on out to Dressel’s Pub tonight to drink a cask of some delicious 2nd Shift Brewing El Gato Grande. Starting at 6PM, Steve Crider will be at Dressel’s to crack open a cask of their delicious American IPA.

Without a doubt 2nd Shift is making not only some of the finest IPAs in St. Louis, but even in the country. So, let’s all do the right thing and drain the cask tonight at Dressel’s.