If someone mentions 2nd Shift Brewing, more than likely the first thought that comes to mind is their love of hops. Without a doubt, 2nd Shift is making some of the finest hoppy beers in St. Louis.

The second thing that may come to mind is the crazy names they give some of their beers. El Gato Grande, Rat Salad, Brew Cocky, etc. They love coming up with some off the wall names for some of their best creations. So, it should come as no shock that their newest release, the Albino Pygmy Puma, keeps in the fine tradition.

What is an Albino Pygmy Puma? Here’s 2nd Shift’s Craig Borcherding to explain:

We realized that (shockingly) not everyone wants to have their face melted off by hops and alcohol. At least not all the time. This is our stab at a pale ale.

But, as this is 2nd Shift, this is not just any pale ale. This beer is a 6% American pale ale featuring Cascade, Centennial, and Summit hops. It still comes in at a respectable 37 IBUs. It’s a drinking man’s beer when that man is looking for something at little less in your face.

They’re releasing the beer today and if you want your first chance at tasting it they’ll be pouring it at 4 Hands Brewing beginning at 3PM. Yes, that’s early but I’ve been assured there will be plenty available. If you don’t have a chance to try it today, do not fret as this is now a year-round offering from 2nd Shift.