Perennial_Abraxas_V04I’m a stat nerd. I love things like infographics and maps.  Lists showing numbers and facts are like catnip for me.  So when I ran across the top-rated beers by state according to Untappd users, it definitely gave me a happy feeling.

As I perused through the list, it didn’t come as any surprise that the top rated beer in Missouri is Perennial Artisan Ale‘s Abraxas. This spicy, luscious stout is near and dear to our hearts in the Show Me State.

To celebrate this delicious beer, Perennial is throwing a special event next Tuesday, April 7th from, 5-9PM featuring a stellar line-up of Abraxas variations. The line-up will include 2013 Abraxas, 2014 Abraxas, Vanilla Bean Abraxas and Coffee Abraxas.

But there’s a catch (there is always a catch.) For those of you that are paying close attention, Perennial isn’t typically open on Tuesdays. That’s because this is going to be a limited special ticketed event. Tickets will be $25 (tax and gratuity included) and will go on sale tomorrow, April 1st (no joke!) at 4PM at the Perennial tasting room.

Each ticket will guarantee a 5oz pour of all of those beers.  The tasting room will be open to ticket holders only.  The kitchen will be open with the regular menu and additional lower ABV beers will be available as well.

Don’t miss out on your chance to try this very nifty event.