oldbakeryI sound like a broken record, but I’m astonished just how big craft beer has gotten since I started this website 7 years ago. Not only have we seen more beer bars, more taps, and more craft beer on the shelves, but we’ve seen the number of breweries explode in the area.

We’ve been blessed in St. Louis City and now the east side is getting in on the fun and seeing breweries open in Illinois as well. One of those breweries is the new Old Bakery Beer Company in Alton, Illinois.

Old Bakery has been quietly open for about a month, but they’re finally officially open this Saturday, March 14th beginning at 11AM. To celebrate this occasion, Old Bakery is introducing two new beers to their line-up, a Midwest Red Ale and Rye Bock, along with a special menu incvluding pulled pork and BBQ brisket. And in celebration of Pi Day (3.1415), Old Bakery will be holding a Pie Eating Contest!

From everyone I’ve heard that’s visited, it’s a beautiful spot and a great excuse to visit Alton. Head out to Old Bakery this weekend and celebrate their grand opening.