perennial-bellsWay back in 2008, Drew Huerter started a little event at Mattingly Brewing Company called Peek-a-Brew. It gave Drew a chance to showcase new and usual beers every Thursday evening. After Mattingly closed, Perennial Artisan Ales took up the mantle and started their Thursday Night Release program providing a platform for new beers to possibly enter the rotation.

And for the past four years, outside of a freak weather-related shut down, Perennial has not missed this Thursday Night Release. That is until now.

Perennial is putting their typical Thursday night on hold for one week for a very special event taking place with Bell’s Brewery. Starting at 4PM this Thursday, March 5th, Bell’s Brewery will be pouring Porter, Smitten, Oarsman Ale, Roundhouse IRA, and a firkin of Hopslam at Perennial.

And while this beer isn’t “new” I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that Perennial will be pouring Coffee Abraxas. That sounds like a fair trade to me. Delicious Bell’s beers and Coffee Abraxas. I’m sure this is something Drew would approve of.