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iTAP-BlackFriday-Poster-CoMo-Web (1)I’ve been making a push in our family for a long time to ditch the Christmas present routine. It’s not that I don’t enjoy buying presents for my loved ones, but I much prefer spending time with them instead. Presents will be forgotten, it’s the memories that remain.

That being said, I never would have ventured out on Black Friday anyway. It seems like a pretty miserable way to save a buck. Personally, I want to give back this holiday season. Luckily for me, the International Tap House has combined doing something good this season with along enjoying a pint or two thanks to their annual Black Friday event.

Starting at 11AM this Friday, November 28th, each iTAP location will be not only providing some unique beers, but also each location will have a different charity they’re supporting:

  • iTap Soulard will be supporting St. Patrick Center and new or gently worn winter “gear” will be collected.
  • iTap Central West End will be supporting SLU Leadership Toy Drive and unwrapped toys for children aged 5 to 13 will be collected.
  • iTap Chesterfield will be supporting O.A.S.I.S. and new or gently worn winter “gear” will be collected.

And because you’re giving, iTAP will be giving back. Customers that bring in items to iTAP will receive a 2-for-1 beer deal (one per customer on select beers). Speaking of beer, iTAP is bringing out some of your winter favorites (as always, beers are subject to change, but I’m sure you’ll still find something delicious on tap):

Chesterfield Soulard CWE 
Deschutes Jubelale Deschutes Jubelale Deschutes Jubelale
Delirium Noel Delirium Noel Delirium Noel
Gouden Caroulus Noel Gouden Caroulus Noel Gouden Caroulus Noel
Great Divide Hibernation Great Divide Hibernation Great Divide Hibernation
New Holland Cabin Fever New Holland Cabin Fever New Holland Cabin Fever
Schlafly Xmas Schlafly Xmas Schlafly Xmas
St. Bernardus Christmas St. Bernardus Christmas St. Bernardus Christmas
Wittekerke Winter Wit Wittekerke Winter Wit Wittekerke Winter Wit
Avery Old Jubilation Avery Old Jubilation Avery Old Jubilation
Ridgeway Lump of Coal Ridgeway Lump of Coal Ridgeway Lump of Coal
Ridgeway Santa’s Butt Holiday Ridgeway Santa’s Butt Holiday Ridgeway Santa’s Butt Holiday
Bells Winter White Bells Winter White Bells Winter White
Bells Christmas Bells Third Coast Bells Expedition
Boulevard Nut Cracker Bells Christmas Bells Java Stout
Charleville Whiskey Santa Bells Double Cream Bells Christmas
New Belgium Accumulation Bells Cherry Boulevard Nut Cracker
N’ice Chouffe Boulevard Nut Cracker Charleville Whiskey Santa
Ommegang Adoration Charleville Whiskey Santa New Belgium Accumulation
Evil Twin Xmas Eve at a NYC Hotel Room New Belgium Accumulation N’ice Chouffe
Big Muddy Winter Ale N’ice Chouffe Ommegang Adoration
Goose Island 2014 BCS Ommegang Adoration Evil Twin Xmas Eve at a NYC Hotel Room
New Holland Dragon’s Milk Cask Evil Twin Xmas Eve at a NYC Hotel Room Big Muddy Winter Ale
4 Hands Alter Ego Big Muddy Winter Ale Goose Island 2014 BCS
Goose Island 2014 BCS Goose Island Festivity
Goose Island Festivity Ridgeway Insanely Bad Elf
Perennial BA 17 4 Hands Alter Ego
4 Hands Alter Ego

If all this wasn’t enough, each location will be featuring a special Keep the Glass featuring Bell’s new Spiegelau Wheat Glass that will pair perfectly with their Winter White Ale!

Enjoy a beer, do some good, have a good time with friends. That’s what the holiday season means to me.

ucbcUrban Chestnut Brewing Company is feeling festive. To put you into the holiday mood, UCBC has put together a new variety pack featuring four beers never bottled by UCBC, three of which are brand new beers.

To celebrate this new holiday variety pack, Urban Chestnut is heading out to 33 Wine Bar on Tuesday, November 25th to throw a tap takeover featuring all four beers. This will be the first time that these beers will be available outside of a UCBC location. Beginning tomorrow at 3:30PM, the four beers being poured are:

  • Fantasyland – Mid West Coast IPA
  • HMS (Her Majesty’s Ship) – English IPA
  • Stammtisch – German Pils
  • SLIPILS (St. Louis Imperial Pilsner)

I’ve been told UCBC Co-Founder and Brewmaster Florian Kuplent will be in attendance as well. And if all of this wasn’t enough to get your interest, they will also be giving away logoed glass to the first 24 people and there will be discounted variety packs available for sale to go.

Get into the holiday spirit and head out to 33 Wine tomorrow!

2ndshiftlogoSo, I need you guys to keep a secret.  I know, me posting this on the internet seems like it’s in direct conflict with trying to keep a secret.  I’ll explain to you in a little bit why this secret should hopefully work.

Believe it or not, we’ve had 2nd Shift Brewing and owner/brewer Steve Crider in our lives for four years now. Steve has been quietly (can Steve be quiet?) producing some of the best beers in the St. Louis area.

Known originally for his ultra-hoppy, ultra-delicious ales, Crider has also begun playing around with wild yeasts and saisons creating some very unique, very distinctive beers.

Steve’s fiancé Libby Brown has been active with the brewery for almost two years now and has watched as Steve has succeeded (and even struggled at times) keeping 2nd Shift going. Because Crider would never do it himself, Libby wants to celebrate Steve and his accomplishments.

To celebrate, brewery friends Perennial Artisan Ales are giving up part of their tasting room next Saturday, November 29th to throw a party to praise Steve Crider and 2nd Shift Brewing. Beginning at 5PM, Perennial will be hosting a few 2nd Shift Beers, a few Perennial beers, and a few 2nd Shift Collaborations.

There are going to be some awesome 2nd Shift beers on tap including PARKAS (a new 2nd Shift/Side Project collaboration) and the newest iteration of the Blueprint Coffee Liquid Spiritual Delight. There will be some other tasty treats available as well.

Now, if I’m putting this on the internet, how are we keeping this a secret? Here’s what you don’t realize with Steve Crider, as long as you don’t @ him on Twitter, there is a good chance he’ll never see your tweet.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Steve Crider likes to get a bit of a rise out of people on Twitter. He enjoys putting something crazy out there and seeing the reactions. As long as people don’t tell him that we’re having a party for him next week, he probably won’t find out.

So, let’s try to keep this to ourselves.  There are some opportunities to see Steve this weekend, so let’s try to not blow it.  This is an experiment to see if the internet can keep a secret.  I think we can do it. (And there is a bonus party at the end of the experiment if we can pull it off!)

laylaDo you ever think about what drinks would be best friends? If I had to take a guess, beer and whiskey would be BFFs. I mean, why else would some beer love spending so much time in whiskey barrels?

Layla in the Grove sees that this is a true friendship and is teaming up with 4 Hands Brewing and Jameson Irish Whiskey to put on a tap takeover this Saturday, November 15th from 11AM until close.

Not only will Layla be featuring $5 Jameson Black Barrel cocktails and $4 Jameson Black Barrel pours, but they also have an impressive lineup of 4 Hands Beers. Your choices on tap will include Passion Fruit Prussia, Resurrected IPA, Reprise Centennial Red, Single Speed, and Super Flare, which is the collaboration between 4 Hands and Wicked Weed Brewing.

If you’re looking for some new friends, I’m sure beer and whiskey are always looking for more BFFs.

‘Tis the season for delicious beer and O’Shay’s Pub is here to give you some delicious beer as they team up with Tallgrass Brewing for a Pub Takeover. If you’re looking for a festive time, then head out to O’Shay’s this Friday, November 14th beginning at 7PM as Tallgrass takes over.

Tallgrass is bringing out 8-Bit Pale Ale, Buffalo Sweat, Ethos IPA, Zombie Monkie, Velvet Rooster, and Pub Ale. I’ve also heard they have a mystery firkin that will be tapped. Rumor has it that the firkin may be filled with a delicious porter that’s been doused with blueberries and vanilla.


For_Web_iTAP-BCS-PosterPatience and will-power.  If you plan on cellaring beer, you need to have both of these items in spades. It’s difficult to see that beer just sitting there any not want to drink it.

If you’re anything like me, it’s especially difficult when it’s Goose Island Bourbon County Stout. While it’s difficult to choose favorite beers, BCS always seems to end up as part of my deserted island list of beers.

Luckily the International Tap House has the patience to bring you what might be the biggest beer event of the year.  At 11AM on 12/13/14, iTAP Central West End will be pouring a vertical of 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 Bourbon County Stout.

That’s right, they’ve held on to three kegs of this magical beer to put on this very special event. Tickets for this spectacular go on sale this Saturday, November 15th and will run you $30 per person.

That $30 includes a 5oz pour of each of these beers,  gratuity, along with a 12oz snifter that commemorates this (possibly life-changing?) event. Tickets go on sale this Saturday at Midnight. Now we just have to be patient enough to wait for this event!

oshaysIt’s hockey season and we’re all rooting for the Blues to go all the way this year. (Oh please, stop breaking our hearts!) The best place to watch the Blues this season? O’Shay’s Pub.

Not only does O’Shay’s have a great selection of rotating craft beers, they’re doing something special during the hockey season by pairing with breweries to do special events each month. This month they’re working with another local powerhouse, Six Row Brewing.

To kick off this month’s partnership, O’Shay’s is hosting a Six Row Tap Takeover this Saturday, November 8th from 7-10PM. They’ll be featuring Whale, Double IPA, and Vanilla Porter on tap along with cans of Arch Nemesis Midnight Black IPA and Sunshine Slowdown.

Six Row and O’Shay’s will be giving away swag throughout the tap takeover this Saturday. Thomas from Six Row will also be on hand giving out some samples.

And for every Six Row beer purchased during the month of November, O’Shay’s will put your name in a drawing for two Blues tickets! Drink beer and possibly win tickets? That’s a power play.