theog2014 might go down as the year that the women who brew, sell, and drink craft beer in St. Louis made their voices heard. We’ve seen Girls Pint Out, Femme Ferment, and the Pink Boot Society all plant roots in St. Louis, but there is always room for more passion and more voices, especially when it comes to showing how much fervor and fire St. Louis women have about craft beer.

The OG is a new group of women interested in the continued education and involvement of women in craft beer. To kick off this group, the OG has paired with Flying Saucer to not only debut a beer brewed by the group, but also do some good as well.

Part of the OG’s mission is to not only be involved with the craft beer community, but also be a positive influence on those around them. As I mentioned earlier, the group brewed a strawberry saison they’ve named “Fraise Cassee”, the Flying Saucer will be pouring this beer beginning at 5PM on September 26th.

As part of being a good community partner, all proceeds of the event will be donated to Operation Food Search. Glasses of Fraise Casse will be available for purchase for a suggested donation.  There will also be raffle tickets available as well with chances to win gift certificates, bottles of Fraise Cassee, and more.