Beer people are typically hoarders.  Sure we may not end up on TV, but I’m sure you have a lot of glassware and other swag. But here’s the thing, you always want MORE.

The International Tap House knows you want it and they’re here to help.  Beginning at 12PM this Saturday, August 9th, iTAP in Chesterfield will be hosting their 3rd annual Rummage Sale. The best part is, if you really need to justify bringing more swag into your house, you can always say it’s for charity.

How does it work? All throughout the year, iTAP collects beer swag and then they let their customers buy it. But not with cash, silly.  You buy it with tickets! How does one obtain these tickets.  Through this simple process:

  • Every canned good you donate gets you a ticket (up to 10 tickets)
  • Buy a Beer and get 2 tickets
  • Buy raffle tickets for $1 a piece (cash)

All canned goods and ticket sales go straight to Food Outreach. But what if you’re like me and you’ll be out of town attending the Great Taste of the Midwest this weekend?

No worries, iTAP Soulard has you covered. Beginning at 12PM next Saturday, August 16th iTAP Soulard will be hosting a Rummage Sale as well.

Good beer, good swag, and good feelings helping other people. That’s a good way to spend a Saturday.