You’ve now had a few days to fully recover from the spectacle that was St. Louis Craft Beer Week. Here’s the thing though in case you haven’t been paying attention. Kick ass events never stop around here, and our friends at Handlebar have one for you this week.

Wednesday, August 6th starting at 4PM, Handlebar presents “MadHander-The Firkin Off.” Representatives from New Holland Brewing and Left Hand Brewing will have a battle to the finish featuring firkins of limited release beers. The first firkin to sell out will be declared the winner and the losing beer rep will be “punished” by the winning rep that night in the bar.

In one corner, New Holland Brewing National Beer Director Clay “Dirt” Cooper will be tapping a firkin of Golden Flash, their pub only Traditional English Pale. Across the ring, Left Hand Brewing’s Missouri representative Ryan Call will tap Peppermint Patty.

What’s Peppermint Patty you ask? How about their Milk Stout with mint. The game is to see who can kick their firkin first. The first 40 people get to keep the glass from the brewery of their choice. There can only be one winner in a firkin off.

And the loser will pay. Who wins, who loses, and what will the punishment be? There are rumors of head shaving, dresses, and all sorts of good stuff. I’d recommend you stop on into Handlebar and check it out. It’s sure to be a great time.