Hooray for birthdays!  Another one of the breweries in St. Louis celebrates their second anniversary and they’re throwing a party.  Perennial Artisan Ales turns two this year and they’re throwing quite a bash to celebrate the occasion.

Last year we saw the release of Aria to celebrate their first birthday, this year we’re going to see the debut of their Anniversaria Project.  Here’s Perennial’s description:

Taking a cue from sherry, Anniversaria uses the solera method of barrel aging, where each year a portion of aged beer is removed from the barrel and replenished with fresh beer. Each release brings a new beer with elements of beers past and layers of complexity that only time can create. Anniversaria begins with Aria, Perennial’s flagship Belgian strong pale ale, fermented with two distinct strains of Brettanomyces in vignoles wine barrels. 2013’s release will be draft only in Perennial’s tasting room. Distribution of this annual release will begin in 2014 in both bottles and draft.

If you want to enjoy this beer from Perennial’s newest series or maybe something special they’ve saved in their basement, head on out to Perennial on Saturday, October 19th. And be certain to check out the poster below for a list of beers they’re pouring next Saturday.

Congrats to Perennial, there will be plenty more parties to come.