Gah, I’m freezing. Here, feel my hands, they’re like ice. You know what I could go for? Some gloves. Oh, and a beer. But, I don’t want some wimpy blonde beer, it’s 15 degrees out for Pete’s sake.

What’s that? Three Kings Public House is throwing a Goose Island Tap Take Over? Well, you’ve definitely piqued my interest. But I need some bold beers to make me feel warm, what’s the list look like?

  • 2012 Bourbon County Stout
  • 2012 Bourbon County Coffee Stout
  • Naughty Goose
  • 2012 Nightstalker
  • Nut Brown
  • Imperial IPA
  • Minx
  • 2012 Big John
  • Christmas

Well, those are certainly some bold beers. Delicious beers as well. Well, when is this Winter Warm Up?  My hands aren’t getting any warmer. Next Wednesday, January 30th at 6PM?  Well, I guess I need to put that one on the calendar, because my hands aren’t getting any warmer.