Time flies when you’re making beer but believe it or not we’re quickly coming up on the 2nd anniversary of the opening of  Urban Chestnut Brewing Company. It’s amazing just to see

I love looking back and seeing just how much change we see from our new breweries as they celebrate each of their anniversaries. In the case of UCBC, one of the biggest developments has to be the addition of bottle beer now available all over St. Louis.

To celebrate their 2nd Anniversary, UCBC is throwing a birthday bash. On Saturday, January 26th, UCBC will be holding their Wolpertinger beer festival (it’s also head brewer Florian Kuplent’s birthday!) If you don’t know what a wolpertinger is, here’s UCBC’s description:

For you newbies (or those that might need a refresher) … a wolpertinger is a small (or large depending on your perspective), primarily nocturnal mammal that inhabits the alpine forests of Bavaria. He’s quite rare, but we annually work with our hop growers in Hallertau to ‘import’ one of the little fellas for the special occasion. Mostly nocturnal, our “Wolpie” makes his grand appearance at the back end of the festival, which also coincides with our very limited release of his namesake UCBC beer.  This year as our special release, we will be re-releasing,“Wolpertinger 2012”, which we like to call Winged Nut on Acid – a 9.0% ABV, chestnut ale that has been aging for over a year on Kentucky Bourbon Barrels.  We will be pouring draught samples & bottles will also be available for purchase, BUT Wolpie will also be honoring what he recognizes as fellow wolpertingers with a few bottles from his personal stash (once again the “best-costumed Wolpertingers” will be rewarded…come on out you furries!).

While this party is definitely a celebration of their second anniversary, UCBC wants to use the occasion to celebrate the St. Louis beer scene as a whole. So, they’ve invited out over 15 different local brewers to get in on the fun. Here’s a list of who’s attending:

  • Schlafly
  • Charleville
  • Buffalo
  • Six Row
  • Four Hands
  • Perennial
  • Civil Life
  • Kirkwood Station
  • Ferguson
  • O’Fallon
  • Cathedral Square
  • Square One
  • Exit 6
  • Augusta
  • Morgan Street
  • 2nd Shift
  • Scratch
  • Crown Valley
  • Excel
  • Ommegang

This event will be running from 1PM to 5PM on Saturday, January 26th and tickets will cost you $35. You can purchase tickets by following this link here. And if all of this wasn’t enough to get you to come out, this festival will also feature a very special guest in that UCBC has invited Ommegang Brewmaster Phil Leinhart to the festival.

Happy birthday to UCBC, looking forward to many years to come.